EIE builds the resources and networks young entrepreneurs need to make better decisions.


— We Connect

EIE connects students & organizations with reputable speakers who can speak about the current ethical challenges facing technology entrepreneurs and those that will arise in the future.


— We Develop

We develop tools and instruments to support for support entrepreneurs & tech workers.

We hold speciality workshops & seminars centered around a topics relevant to various stakeholders in entrepreneurship and business development.



— We Consult

On occasion, we will consult for one-off projects for entrepreneurs, employees, investors and other communities. 

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Our Network of Speakers


The Toolkit: Ethical Challenges Facing Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

The basic toolkit for early-stage entrepreneurs and tech workers to understand the ethical challenges they will face at the various stages of their companies.  

This is meant to be informative over-prescriptive and meant to build a foundation for entrepreneurs to make the best decisions for themselves and for the various stakeholders related to their business.

Sexual Harassment in Entrepreneurship

Where do entrepreneurs and tech workers turn to when their colleagues or investors are sexually harassing them? 

The workshop will cover the simple infrastructure and processes that can be put in place to prevent it from happening in your organization. It also provides victims or witnesses with the resources and tools to come forward and equip them with the tools to protect themselves, the company, and others in this position.

Technology & Healthcare

As technology startups move into more into traditional industries, does a “move fast break things” lean methodology work in highly regulated and risk-averse industries?

What are the dangers and consequences of overpromising, launching too soon, and how to balance the need to innovate & survive with patient safety?

This will be a special topic on also the new innovations & technologies that are developing in the healthcare space and the consequences that may arise with their development.

Angel Investing Due Diligence

How do individual angel investors or small family offices protect themselves from con-artists and fraudulent projects?  

This will teach angel investors tips & techniques to use during due diligence to identify the warning signs and equip them with the community to help them make better decisions. 

We all want to support entrepreneurs and know that things rarely go as planned in startups, but this workshop is focused on weeding the projects that detract from supporting honest, fair & committed entrepreneurs.