What we do

Events & Workshops

EIE both speaks & produces events and workshops.

Resources &

We develop tools & resources aiding entrepreneurial stakeholders.

Programs & Networks

We build programs and connect stakeholders to advisory networks.

Events & Workshops

EIE has engaged in speaking at a number of large events & conferences all over the world. We are also working toward hosting events and developing a suite of workshops focused on fostering and developing discussion regarding ethics in the startup world.

These events and workshops range from fundamental discussions about ethics in an entrepreneurial context and also more pointed discussions about current ethical challenges and dilemmas facing entrepreneurial communities.

Key Workshops conducted and in Development:

  • Ethical Culture Development for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
  • Speak-Up Culture Amongst Workers
  • Angel Investing & Spotting Ethical Red Flags
  • Ethical Challenges in Healthcare & Technology
  • Elements Necessary for Ethical Decision Making
  • Post-Mortems of Startup Scandals
  • And More

Tools & Resources

EIE is producing and aggregating ethics resources across a variety of formats – from key texts, to how to guides, checklists, case studies and more. The first key resource is an ethical toolkit for entrepreneurs with the first focus being placed on ethical culture. Ethical cultures is the precursor to effective ethics initiatives. Culture is especially key for emerging companies that maybe develop products and services that are yet to

  • Ethical Culture Fundamentals
  • Ethical Culture Assessments for Startups at different Stages
  • Companies
    Basic Documentation Templates
  • Mentor Networks for Ethical Dilemmas
  • Plus additional resources

We will be launching some of these resources very soon, so please check back in!

Programs & Advisory Networks

We believe that real change can only be engendered by communities – that’s why we believe it is so important to build networks of like minded and interested people so that we can discuss with, learn from, and act as mentors for others across the business ethics and entrepreneur world. EIE’s Programs and Advisory Networks will help grow and strengthen these communities

If you are interested in being part of the EIE network, please apply to become a partner with us here.