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EIE’s mission is to take a stakeholder-led approach to improving the ethics, culture, practices and outcomes of emerging companies by providing them with practical knowledge, resources, and networks.


We provide Founders with tools that support ethical decision making, leadership and the generation of healthy


We empower Workers to recognize and respond to ethical challenges and dilemmas.


We help Investors identify and mitigate ethics risk and build better governance systems.

Core Values

We are founded on the values of:

  • Service and Community – our work is borne of our deep respect for and commitment to the well-being of individuals, organisations, communities, societies and the planet
  • Good Ethics is Good Business – we are committed to empowering organizations to be ethical and successful corporate citizens for the benefit of all their stakeholders
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – we take a practical approach to ethics, recognizing the realities of business, the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of continual innovation
  • Integrity – we are guided by fairness, decency, honesty, respect, responsibility and accountability
  • Transparency – we are dedicated to building trust with our stakeholders and the public by maintaining the highest levels of transparency in all our communications and actions
  • Diversity and Inclusion – we are led by our conviction that diversity of experiences, backgrounds, opinions and ideas helps us make more balanced, ethical and collaborative decisions
  • Leadership and Professionalism – we strive to model leadership and professionalism in all our interactions and in everything we do

How we began?

Ethics in Entrepreneurship begins with a recognition of the promise and the problems of start-ups. How could we help founders and emerging businesses think through and solve some of the complex ethical problems that all the most successful new businesses seemed to be finding themselves confronted with? 

When we (a tech whistleblower, a lawyer, and a corporate ethics educator) began get together to talk about these questions, we thought about how many founders and start-ups could not devote time and energy to ethical questions because resources were not easily accessible to them, and how confronting ethical questions early on in a business life cycle was the most cost effective approach and would avoid much bigger problems down the road.

We asked ourselves how would a start-up think about this problem – how would they identify key pain points, build solutions, validate, find their key users, user characteristics and stakeholders. Could we apply the problem-solving techniques of the start-up world to the start-up world itself? That is what Ethics In Entrepreneurship was founded to find out.